Close Protection Services (CSP)

Magma Security CPS is undertaken by a highly experienced team under the strict supervision and personal attention of Shaheen Suleiman (Director). 

The experience of the CPS team extends from local government officials to international celebrities enabling the Magma Security team to provide total piece of mind.

Unconditional care and planning logistics is exercised to protect client safety and identity at all costs. All client information is strictly confidential and on a need to know basis only.

Magma Security CPS duties include;

  • Security Drivers 
  • Personal Bodyguards 
  • Personal Medical Officers 
  • Escort Team, of several Bodyguards 
  • Residential Security Teams, providing security for permanent residences, offices, venues & also temporary locations for holidays, high profile events, product launches and more 
  • Fully integrated VIP Protection Team, comprising of driver(s), bodyguard(s), escort officer(s), residential security officer(s) and a dedicated security contract manager if required.



Our investigation team are highly trained and have wealth of experience in Security Investigations. 

This Investigation Division  has perfected and mastered a pro--active approach to risk management and loss control with particular attention to fraud.

Headed by Shaheen Suleiman (Director), the Investigation Division is a hub of collective knowledge and intelligence networking. A synergy of combined skills, cross pollination, interaction and cooperation with the SAPS has earned us a distinctive advantage in the investigation arena.

Some of these pro-active strategies are: 

  • Pre-employment screening 
  • Due diligence inquiries 
  • Background investigations 
  • Criminal and civil investigations 
  • Document examinations 
  • Handwriting analyses 
  • Financial inquiries 
  • Surveillance
  • Polygraph Testing

Farm Watch

Magma Security will make available the services of an air unit (helicopter), which will be used to assist in locating stolen vehicles, livestock, suspects and act as deterrent on days when large payrolls are distributed, working in conjunction with our ground forces.Magma Farm Protection is geared to serve the agricultural sector.

Our personnel are highly trained and equipped to service all facets of the agricultural sector familiarising themselves with agricultural clients and surroundings.

Our personnel are proficient in dealing with incidents of armed robberies, thefts, stock theft, vehicle thefts, crowd control, poaching  and vandalism.

Patrol vehicles are equipped with GPS , “live” tracking systems,  two way radios and cell phones - ensuring the control room is in constant audio / visual contact with the team in the field.

Due to the GPS and “live tracking” systems on board, the control room has the advantage of knowing the precise location of the patrol units. This is extremely helpful in dispatching the nearest vehicle to the point of incident. It enables us to offer a quality service as our resources are not misused , as there is no room for procrastination.

Magma Security will make available the services of an air unit (helicopter), which will be used to assist in locating stolen vehicles, livestock, suspects and act as deterrent on days when large payrolls are distributed, working in conjunction with our ground forces.


Magma Security prides themselves with  highly competent technical teams:

•  Maintenance Team
•  Installation Team
• Assessment Team

The team comprises of a technician and a wire man. Reminiscent of the industry regulating bodies, our technical division is scrutinized by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) to ensure that only individuals of integrity, reliability and honesty are employed by us.
Our technical division adheres stringently and rigorously to the by-laws ensuring that the end-user is protected by receiving value for money, simultaneously ensuring the precision, efficiency and orderliness of the installation.

Our services include:

• Repairs to existing alarm systems  • Assessments to ascertain the integrity of the system • Maintenance services annually to ensure steadfastness

• Lightning assessments and repairs • Installations of new systems • Installations of additional equipment • Upgrading existing alarm systems
• Installations of intercom systems • Installations of access control • Installations of CCTV


  • Domestic alarms
  • Commercial alarms
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Vehicle movement

Armed Response & Escorting

  • Domestic alarms
  • Commercial alarms
  • Surveillance camera violations
  • Unauthorized vehicle movement


  • Commercial guarding
  • Agricultural guarding
  • Domestic guarding

Security Consulting

  • Risk analyses
  • Asset management
  • Loss control

Access and egress management incorporating the following: 

  • Time and attendance
  • Identification
  • Movement control
  • Criminal record clearance